“She Rests”


“She Rests”

She rests a little while, no need to take a number,
(No one’s in the waiting room) and there’s no line,
No reason in the recipe, no season in the rhyme.
Her spices whisper balances and spells and wonder:
her documents remain unsigned.

She’s not brought you to this moment bearing
Gifts, providing counterpoint to what is naturally defined.
No mystic declaration, no pieces placed to catalogue;
No salamander nursing smouldering fires, mystic fogs
To move the marker trifles to the left; she aligns
The edges, rescues symmetry from chaos in the thing,
Declines to offer comment while she muses on a mood ring.

…sculpting at top by Sheila Œtinger…

3 responses to ““She Rests”

  1. moody and yet, restful… xx

    • After events we all witnessed in London and elsewhere; yes, I am in a certain…mood, and I think we could all use a rest for an hour or two…

      • me too, mood wise and wanting rest wise… but sleep seems to elude at the mo..( 02.39am) . a drink and walking the www is sure to be a cure.. (Milk, not the hard stuff … 😉 ) x

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