“What Granite Does Not Break”


“What Granite Does Not Break”

What granite does not break with the whisper of a reasoned word;
The season’s seed, what now were germ and planted long before
This station’s great arising at its first summons, atoms adorned
With struggle? Bruisèd sure, but upward blown the rumbling’s heard,
In lightning etched on thunder fractured walls, the cavern’s core,
And from that cradle’s mooring at the second call, the earthen floor
Of all that is this quest for drops condensed from prayers unfurled,
Whose form defies all reason. Time—a span of life—is all
There is to conquer else be swallowed in such storms devised―
As phantoms’ appetites for vanity, illusion, and the self and styled
To try imagined strengths and arrogance
before the third and last, and thus, the final call;
Recalled to life, and lives eternal in the
endless treasured journey-schools,
With opened ears, triumphant flight, and all despite
the earthbound croak of self-imprisoned fools.


4 responses to ““What Granite Does Not Break”

  1. wonderful, .. and I’ve brought along a chisel… who hits first?… I warn you, my use of such tools generally ends up with someone getting hurt… Much like sharp words, methinks.. xPenx

  2. Still love reading your poetry—still not caring if my rational mind “gets it”—happy to have my soul Moved

    One line that reached out to me with great significance:

    “…this quest for drops condensed from prayers unfurled…”

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