Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

“So Easily They Cast Their Doubts”


“So Easily They Cast Their Doubts”

So easily they cast their doubts before
Adoring crowds for those who rush to view
The corpses and the thousand shocks, reviewed,
That press is heir to; judicial natures jaw and serve the gore
In increments that would gratify the seasonal guests
Of any least forbidding Midwest bowling league
Whose teams compete for spares; relieved
By strikes and periodic gutter balls, they trade in tests
Of righteous indignation from the pulpit as villages and lives
Are lost to cartels in Chihuahua. Their milk must be delivered but even
the waxen moon becomes a thin blade through redundant sales. Knives
With patents pending served with pancakes rule here while votes extend
The bulging bogus budgets penned without a dime to spend.


“Oh! the Second Dawn”


“Oh! the Second Dawn”

Oh! the second dawn, this same vision violates the door.
I would enter were I not aware
Of what Millay in ghostly truth declared
Concerning what should be a warning—more,
Perhaps than I am worthy of, but still
Is mine to feel if so I should desire
To drown a fond desire as dew within a fire—
That long ago reduced itself to fill
A sometime jewelry box in turquoise, copper, gold,
The open hearths along these four walls ignored
These years, and crumbling with disuse. Restored,
But healed in time as thoughts and memories will unfold,
She gives a broad remembrance in her thought
Expressed in some small tome of poetry forgot.

A pile of old books on black