“Run That By Me Again”


“Run That By Me Again”

with one line plagiarised…

Run that by me again; downshift and take another aspirin, friend…
You’re back in town, you want to see me for just another spin…
Another test drive; time and age, another chapter; a bookmarked page and rain,
Days of wind and rain in your hair, and  you’ve laid another ice cube. The end
Of course is all this business while we squeeze
A lemon wedge or two to cinch the deal, and possibly
Split a rhyme or some kind of new-found copula in your physiology.
We’ll seize a dinner or two and shoot a little breeze
Que çela reste entre nous deux and replenish mutual funds in the tontine
We’ve fed for years, and,…Well, I’ll be damned, here comes your ghost
Again and another round for  what you’ll want to celebrate…we’ll toast
The latest victory for it’s worth, and all for auld lang syne.
And since it just so happens you’re in town,
You’d want to bury me in all you’ve left behind,
and satisfy your soul with what you’ve lost
and what it is I’ve found.



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