“They’re Good”

Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs in a concert at the Atlantico pavilion in Lisbon

“They’re Good”

“They’re good, these kids,” He paused, and then he said,
“At the very least they’re off the street, and they can laugh,
And sing, and play the violin, and act. Our staff
Is tops, and we’ve got over sixty public productions!” And then he read
From lists of student symphonies and plays, and intramural sports,
And everything a public school could want
To please both students and their parents: “And our fonts
Are full, the possibilities are endless, quite the front porch
Place you’d want your son or daughter, niece
Or nephew, girlfriend’s ugly son, or any bona fide teen to find himself; a niche
Protected from the world, an out of sight promoter of the nouveau-riche,
The avant-garde. Our rainbow’s bright, and so’s the pot! The very grease
That’s needed for the Disney wheel of fortune here,
without the ugliness of work they make the list!”
But still it begs the question:
Are they blessed set for life
or simply fodder for the grist?


2 responses to ““They’re Good”

  1. methinks fodder, John… it seems the ‘youff’ of today cling to dreams of fame and fortune, short-lived/short supply though it may be… xPenx

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