“A Simple Glance”


“A Simple Glance”

A simple glance finds the object sought,
A cynosure of desire, glad the whippoorwill;
The petrel, the arc of every spark, a still
And never wavering reflection caught
Within a mirror of a hummingbird’s pool; a smile, a sigh,
And in the expiration, the exhilaration of the two streams.
The creeks, one lost and one found, extremes
Of either form islands of insurrection high
Above the states of vapours, well below or just
Upon the sod on which the crops stand. Thus, a natural guile
Of search is evidence in every quest; the common mile
Of pilgrims on their journey through the cusp
Between what’s asked and what’s revealed:
God willing, the glory of certitude is unsealed.


One response to ““A Simple Glance”

  1. nature at one glance,.. life’s dance, ’tis a jungle out there… x

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