“‘And What About Companionship?'”

JT Morrow

“And What About Companionship?”

“And what about companionship?” she said,
“Do you really care to die alone?” she added
To the thought that I’d misled
Her, the presiding illusion on delusions to be fed.
What had made the whole strophe sadder
Was the thought that she’d be madder
Two rungs up on the gilded ladder
With the truth than if I payed out the thread and bled
A lie with softened smiles alive with some sweet
Calcified emotion in the two of us
With no more hope and substance on the antistrophe than the reams
Of poetry I’d written to that dear lady, darkly, or the sound of baby feet
That seemed to be the clandestine plan reducing former plans to dust
Or love I’d may have wrought when both betrayed my trust.


…charcoal drawing at bottom by Amber Senna…

2 responses to ““‘And What About Companionship?'”

  1. We place so much trust in our partner, John … and feel betrayed when changes occur, love changes ….relationships change,… we are forever shedding skins, so how can we expect our emotions to remain in ‘statu quo’ … Yet I fall foul, and cry foul… xPenx

    • When it comes to all relationships, by default they carry the distinct signs of ascent and descent and the inevitable,”…Yet I fall foul, and cry foul…,” and yes, all! Otherwise how could one’s relationship to the Creator fly favourably above that of any least lover? Few hope to accept this; all inevitably do in time. The real “culprit” is time. When one has an average of 21,000 mornings, afternoons, evenings and “midnight hours” to deal with before that final reunion with He Who made us all, it is always feasible to lean toward “…Yet I fall foul, and cry foul…,” It is actually quite natural to do so insofar as how else do we learn the values and virtues worthy of any true relationship that lasts into the Next World, not to mention the Divine?

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