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“A Sonnet for Ephemeral Blog Sites”


“A Sonnet for Ephemeral Blog Sites”

I see them there with angel hair and brown-
Bagged comments from the swell of sites. Satanic husks–
Petty theft of references–explicit shorts,
laconic ironies, implicit lusts
For power to bend a spoon no less or
honour ghosts of half-abandoned towns
In lowered, hushed, the chosen laboured tones.
The cache, the whole with cluster-clowns
Of paper stickers, wind-up dolls, cartoons
and callous captions in balloons too thin
To serve a purpose, too contrived to be of use.
Scores of whistles, kittens, tops that spin
And largesse that lives to spend, whose purposes
defy belief that what was lost will dwindle down
To momentary ecstasies addressed with pride
as meaningless distraction in a rind–
To say nothing of the fruit–no, nothing deeper,
nothing in the nursery more intended less refined
Than children’s rhymes, and rat’s behinds
and mindless felines with as much to say in time
As weavers of a campfire yarn, confessions as the spinners’ spin
their cotton candied synergies from wastes that knit and intertwine
Enough to bring a credit card or any laminated surface to a shine
with bubbles burping gold dust
Leaving all to wonder who on earth does business here?
… unless he’s blind…
unless he’s sad, unless he’s lonely
…unless he absolutely must…

…photograph above from George Boe….