“Let It Be”


“Let It Be”

Let it be now that I am and was not, that I opened the scar,
The wound a door, at first from within; I apprised.
A scintilla of light, I walked away from what it was, my eyes
Set forward. Confirmations heavy lay within my heart and far
Above me in the wondrous lapis air a quire of eternal strife,
Droplets in the golden mists of  risible irresistible pain; still, the trope
In millions reach me; similes; interlopers,
What I took to be myself
walk away no more but stumble. The surgeon’s knife
Presumes (as I once did) a strange adjustment, a windless gale of altercations,
And while caveats and codicils have paused, witnesses to alterations,
Yes, even they might smile to see an ominous elation
In the earth and worlds I see, though my eyes have failed. Agitation,
Addressed in the unseen Agora, histories, sciences and arts
So easily desolve in the waters of weightlessness at the quickening of hearts.


…paintings by Remedios Varos…

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