“There Is a Precious Barrier”

great_blue hole

“There Is a Precious Barrier”

There is a precious barrier set between the seas,
Stations, precocious days, sanguine nights, scars
Of wonder on en route to the capitol; an insuperable bar
Between naïveté and rapacious needs,
She’s gone beyond her youth in yearning and its talisman.
A haven for the meek is found in peaceful ferial days
For the humble couched in populated reefs against the gaping jaws that lay
In wait in not-so-subtle receptacles deep within the communal abyss; the plan,
A final, mortal insult paced to trap some unsuspecting inland victim fast
Beneath those vast and vacant murderous eyes, smiles to celebrate a feast.
But what a blessing and a wisdom is expressed in both, the least
And greatest in the oceans of their own conscious beneficial pasts:
Plenipotentiaries of implosion are beautifully welcome in natural permutation
Of mortality in a single lifetime in whom immortality vies for equal penetration.


4 responses to ““There Is a Precious Barrier”

  1. endless Oceans with endless possibilities… ’til the barriers surmounted.. xPenx

  2. Hope you don’t mind dueling poems 🙂

    One of mine about seas:


    Two seas met
    In the ocean of life.

    The passage between was narrow
    And full of hazard.

    Yet, they met
    And their waters mingled.

    Each sea had its own storms.
    Each had its own shores.

    Yet, they met
    And their shores touched;
    But, their storms were calmed
    In that narrow, hazardous passage.

    Each sea had its own commerce.
    Each had its own depths.

    Yet, they met
    And traffic through that
    Passage was

    But, their depths were joined and
    The waters which were deep had
    A trade all their own.

    The land surrounding their
    Passage was

    And things happened in those
    Rocky cliffs;

    And things happened in those
    Lush green hills;
    Things that no tongue can tell…

    Time, as it will, passed…

    And, the depths continued to
    And, the common shore widened;
    And, the land still held its mystery…

    But, most gradually, there was
    Created a
    Wider channel, more common shore
    That both seas used to
    Lay up treasures.

    Many said they couldn’t believe
    There was ever a time when the
    Passage between the
    Seas was narrow and hazardous.

    But, the

    The days of uncertain passage,
    The days of hazard.


  3. Alláh-u-Abhá and Happy Naw-Rúz!
    I suspect that the same nuptial prayer inspired us both! Well done!

    Please forgive me for this late reply; I just returned from a month in the hospital for an operation and convalescence that has not really stopped here in my apartment, now that I am back. All went very well, but with an incredibly slower pace than I might have expected. I suppose age had something to do with it. At any rate, it explains a month’s delay in ready the beauty of what you expressed in your poem.

    Again, Happy New Year!

  4. May God speed your Healing…

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