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“There Is a Precious Barrier”

great_blue hole

“There Is a Precious Barrier”

There is a precious barrier set between the seas,
Stations, precocious days, sanguine nights, scars
Of wonder on en route to the capitol; an insuperable bar
Between naïveté and rapacious needs,
She’s gone beyond her youth in yearning and its talisman.
A haven for the meek is found in peaceful ferial days
For the humble couched in populated reefs against the gaping jaws that lay
In wait in not-so-subtle receptacles deep within the communal abyss; the plan,
A final, mortal insult paced to trap some unsuspecting inland victim fast
Beneath those vast and vacant murderous eyes, smiles to celebrate a feast.
But what a blessing and a wisdom is expressed in both, the least
And greatest in the oceans of their own conscious beneficial pasts:
Plenipotentiaries of implosion are beautifully welcome in natural permutation
Of mortality in a single lifetime in whom immortality vies for equal penetration.