Situations at the wishing may well be crude but demand an answer;
Primed from who it is does what to whom and who will surely lose
When Monday’s powers, profits and dominions in the refuse
Fall to Thursday’s victors.  And what was that woman doing at the well? Panzers
For Tuesday’s pounce surprise Wednesday’s pansies in pots once the steppes
Exhaust their rhetoric of chickens and the odd reclusive mongoose.
Culture’s lichens wither in her vast domains and fireflies loosed
Will taunt their former captors in the galleys put to bed while the people slept
And all the while they scan for even greater news. Rest assured
That if their wish were granted crosses would be twisted; someone wins
But someone loses all he has. Surmising spring will witness sins
Of the many vices turned to holy virtues’ within the haunted soul of Perseus
As he gazes at her reflection, someone tonight is not at all  happy with her lot.
Lebensraum is only paradise to them that’s lost to them that’s got.

Dorothy Grostern

…scupture by Dorothy Grostern…

3 responses to ““Situations”

  1. I absolutely Love the way you placed “bed”, “slept”, and “Rest” 🙂

    • It is difficult, if not impossible to convey the urgency of these hours in the present development or evolution of humanity without swimming in the overwhelming complexity and darkness of the disintegration of what we take to be the world, and yet we are urged by the Universal House of Justice not to shrink from participation in human development, but to embrace it with courage if for no other reason than that we know its ultimate outcome within which are “rest” and comfort in knowing that in time, no matter how black the present horizons, as the song says, “We shall overcome!”

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