“I See Them Every Saturday Night”


“I See Them Every Saturday Night”

I see them every Saturday night, they love to come;
They all have solid education, many two or three
Degrees, and they’re here from China on their knees
To shrines of possibilities in futures in the lives they’ve now begun,
With the English Corner hopes for children, children’s children, something near
The same degree of self-determination through the language that so marked
The former European emigration several centuries past; the common spark
Was something more than simple hunger, shedding fear,
And living in a world apart from numbers, but the view
That individual sovereignty is not at all a revolution
But the healthy outcome of a nation with such expectations
As the Chinese now enjoy the weeds of thriving screens. The clue?
The key? The catalyst? That moment not so long ago when in an evening’s stand,
A single youth withstood a tank, and something solid hit the fragile Chinese fan.


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