“It’s There “

Violet Ambiance

“It’s There

It’s there, now, melding nocturnal odours. The diners’ lucidities compete, grey,
The city; meretricious azure lightning strikes, incessant rhythms howl,
Leaning anywhere but here; unctuous dogs bay at scintillating moons, scowls
Bring out the worst in alley cats that prey
On mice that prey on nothing, or just a little cheese, say.
Depend upon it. Humid hunger breeds neon needs; sway,
A lady’s shape at the pole and there’s no reason left to stay,
They all begin to pray, and then, of course, they’ll prey
Again, and, lo! The answers come but never see the light of day,
And once again, they’re off to just another corner, just another ploy;
Another boy, his knife; the cats, their claws; the dogs, their bones: simple joys.
And not too very far from home; someone bolts, the nosegay
Tossed behind, to appointments better left unmentioned; yes, so naturally odd.
They will forget themselves, these creatures, yesterday; these boys, their gods.

Olga Melamory Larionova1

…drawing at bottom by Olga Melamory Larionova…

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