Daily Archives: February 12, 2013

“I Wonder at the Courage”


“I Wonder at the Courage”

I wonder as I sit here at the courage of a single given life
Recreated through the doctors’ whispered hints
In three directions, through all leads, a glint
Of knowledge gleaned from ct scans, machines; what remains is strife,
Tailored wisdom and finite knowledge make it theirs:
There was no goal to match prescriptions filled,
Until the tests concluded a fait accompli in what stilled
My heart, and though I had with innate acknowledgment declared
My soul forever, they who dreamed otherwise in moments, seconds, turned
To pace their a priori, ex cathedra divinities, while my parchments were buried,
Displaced in bureaucracies and medical clichés. Though they carried
My thoughts, theirs were air raids. Mine they summarily burned,
Longevity’s ashes made redundant in the theory they took for my age;
and while a single word or passing glance should bridge and brace
To seal my declaration’s eternity, they simply demurred and closed the case.


…painting above by Mario Perez;
below by Michael Gauche…