“Minor Prophesies”

Minor Prophesies

“Minor Prophesies”

Minor prophesies, you see, arrest attentions while the majors
Spin their auguries and send well-wishers to the drawing boards;
He who knows he knows cannot doubt the hoards
Of wisdoms summoning the priests and all wizened pagers
To alarm, the preöccupation of bed
And breakfast even on a holiday. They do not rest,
These prodigies of works in progress, filtered guests
And hosts of baseless hubris laced with lead
That lines the public coffers; petty online petrels elect
To withhold judgment, approval by proxy of produce in a downward spiral
To mask denial, pernicious lesions on tenuous surfaces of viscous viral
Social justification, cumbersome with resolution to deny all defects,
To stack the decks and grease the wheels of Vegas
or possibly occupy another park somewhere on the way to Wall Street.
The meek inherit nothing here; the air itself respeaks the fetid breath
of long-malignant greed, the Vulgate and solipsis of universal internal debt.
In a mass transit to succeed, to seed, to reconnoitre losses to the end,
Someone keeps watch at left, yet another the right; today the knife,
Tomorrow perspicuous incisions wreathed in sutures of strife,
The going price for impatience with what only God can apprehend.
Concuspience no matter by what name, post or missive
Finds traffic and intentions snatched by posses ranged in clouds
Like flies that all but promise folly well before the end of urgency. Sound
Advice is not the issue in a world adrift, submissive,
Spliced from virtue, in metamorphosis to vice, usury and programmed gratitude
Become the plough through ancient fields that will do what must be done.
The melody and rhythm in the closing bells are rung, the one
And only cry multiplied by predilection to kinetic irony calls itself rectitude
Of conduct. A prudent pruning of the prototype provides
The perfect recipe for what can be consumed with fingers and a side of fries.
Stereotypes abound as future founding fathers still arrive
From yet another tribe, the other shore, the still further side
Of bold imagination in the surging tides since 1844.  Slide
The rule but inches to the right or left and strive
To understand the ratio or face the inevitable consequence:
Though we took the land from startled natives,
We now tout these varied lists (the case is dative)
In the fray lain wanting in the codex, lost in nuance
That not so long ago applied to Dublin, Roma, gay Paris,
And even Shanghai, Saigon, and more recent private empires–cheques to be
Post dated as the years fly by while those in Congress in a sea
Of interests debate just who’ll pick up the tab, for whom the shopping spree,
And who’ll be the referee. 



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