“While Angels Kiss Your Griefs”


“While Angels Kiss Your Griefs”

“The question’s not so known as that,” and as he sat
This Thomas thinks, but does not say as much,
Defraying trust, and much more or less with such
Emotion as he spares to feed the cat.
“I’ll deal, then, with simple souls, astound
With less the truth, the narrower in breadth,
The lighter lung of two employed. The wrested breath
Less the Ôm will suffer in the exodus, confound
Itself with traffic in upward sweeping breezes,
forsworn by all greater sources, benefits and trends,
Appearances that bootless expedience sends
On shoeless feet as when through the fields
Can anyone afford to laugh before
These  gorging Ætnas fully dine,
Their chisels molten blessings, bloodvines
To Gaea’s futures still in motion in periodic tortured lanes,…”

“Yet on such slopes do you see the fire

Dissolve again, and reconnoitre need,
While angels kiss your griefs before they bleed?”



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