Drops seek solace within, oceans simply wait,
And we like remnants sustain strength or stand
In pride alone albeit withered in the wind; how a man
Achieves his goals is not determined by estates
In escrow, but through a covenant sealed, born
Within, fruition realised with others joined, sown
Together at once applied to others. Orphaned drops are blown
Apart and separated in even mild and tepid gusts; evaporated, torn
Asunder in the flush of sunrise and the incidence of heat within the sum of cells,
Their rooms conjoined, will manifest design; discrete buds unfold as movement
In and of itself self-conscious and wondrous, becomes a kind of star,  fit
For nothing short of singularity at conception; in this inception comes the swell
Of autumn clouds and summer rains revealing mortal remains of purposes
That cannot be erased so easily as growth and bounty surface.

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