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Glimpses, yes; we all know what’s coming.

Oddly moments when no matter

what the antecedent or the outcome.

all gives way to single purposes

for which goals are distilled to purest beverage

in vanity and perceptions reconnoitred,

consumed within themselves, steeped in jaundiced convalescence

to suit the audience and placate the afterbirth of ordeal;

one breathes but one breath before another and then another.

In such a blend in time, thoughts recur,

“I might have died then and there,”

is whispered, but of course, “I didn’t,” and,

“where once I gained, now I’ve seen the cost

and find rewards and consummation wanting

while I am next to nothing in the wake.

I can not recover

what I never had

and did not want.”


Paintings above by Bobbette Rose

“I Spy”


“I Spy”

I spy above me a mountain and as if nothing  stand watchful;
I have no way of understanding how in insignificance still
Do I the mortal gather mortal tailings, talismans, knowledge, some earthen will
Immortal, A leaf-blow natural gift receiving freely in a myriad thoughtful
Moments, as if I, a grain sand, am a sometime summit. Beneath I live;
Here am I, so briefly as my eyes are drawn to majesty’s deadly gaze.
The image of that old and wizened mount, as my journey’s respite, raise
From the river to the summit defines the lines of Whose I am and how I live
Drawn, now from ancient treasures in the ever-moving light bestowed,
Now, perhaps a nod, a gentle wave, or possibly a smile,
If not, a certain seal, concealed to all but they who walk a pilgrim’s mile.
To these  just short of pleasure, every odd refreshment yearns to bear the load
To lay, as I have―needs and deeds, and life’s brief breath―
Beneath the loam of beauty’s comforts to the denizens of the blind and deaf.