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“The Culprit”

Woman 2

“The Culprit”

And, who culprit is, no one’s supposed
To know, but with a little leisure, and a warp in time,
The cable networks and the latest hits provide a hint in 6/8 rhyme,
And we have nothing but our mental clothes
To keep us from the simple joys of greater clarity in clues,
And but a slight turn of the screw if we so stubbornly refuse
A brief but potent midnight skinny-dip through all the themes, the views,
And kindly invitations to festivals and banquets draped in hues
Of healing, beneficial breathing, tokens, memories,
Fond remembrance of what was so entirely wonderful
About the atavistic clarity of childhood.  Maudlin luxury’s  unfurled
In this and other worlds and then so cruelly cut along with all the weeds
Of infancy when on the wall in inconspicuous dread above our beds
Is nailed the inscription reading, “Road’s End; Straight Ahead!”…Oh, now I get it! I’m supposed to guess
The who of you today, forget the what
You did just last night – in no time flat,
Be quick about it, lickety-split, and, yes!
Get on with life.
“Relax!” you say and you’ll be back,

…And soon. After all, you’re on the run to catch the sun,
And just perhaps this very afternoon you’ll choose the one
From whom all your blessings flow. You’re on the other track,
The narrow gauge, and if I’m on my toes, I’ll catch you there–
Wherever there may be–in the subtle marble nuance of some sweet hour.
You’ve got to go, at any rate; the minutes noted, the hour devours
The damsel in the tallest tower with the golden hair but spares
The prince, the frog from anywhere and multitudes will gladly pay
To guess just who they are and who the fruitcake is today.

Woman 1

Paintings above by Pascale Pratte