Daily Archives: December 8, 2012

“He’s Half Tempted”


“He’s Half Tempted”

He’s half tempted to let her know what’s on his mind,  

                                                 But then again he knows what she’ll decide
To do with it if he pops the bubble. The ride
From wonderful to doomsday’ll remind
Her of the last time she saw Paris and that tiny bar
Where she said she’d be when all this
Blew over. He’s set some token goals, a list,
Perhaps a simple meal to celebrate how far
She’s come since when they never heard of one
Another. Yes, it just might be tonight’s the night
He lets the cat out of the bag and sheds some light
On just what’s so light between them. We’ll run
With this, and seal the deal and get the record straight,
As if she’s never heard the song and never’s not too late.


Sculpture above by Natsu