“Simplicity In Children”


“Simplicity In Children”

Simplicity in children delights
As does the bud or sudden blush, the burst of bloom,
The delicate spring denial of all the winter’s gloom.
Brightened eyes, these thousand butterflies in flight
As clouds of passing thought survive a single, urgent wish.
It is as tender in the early morning breeze
As with the fragile toy sailboat that so easily will please,
Encouraged with little urging over wide-eyed goldfish
Captured in the city park within but one of several chaste
Enclosures, ponds that serve as captive seas fed by purity in springs.
They’ve been there since we don’t remember when―these rings
Round which laughter flocks―where innocence and youth taste
First blood in what nature’s natural wine can give; we have survived,
Be still! In winter’s rage the end is nigh;
in spring, his children’s dreams are still alive.


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