” Bees Bear Witness”

“Bees Bear Witness”

Bees bear witness far beyond a spider’s gossamer
Infatuation ; they navigate portable priorities
In ways that armies only dream of. Here minorities
Are not a factor in the office nor the officers
Within this prince of many species. Simple factors
Dictate elemental courses in reaction
To proper exigencies in the moment while the march of factions
Plays no part in these designs beyond the actors
And the actresses who wait willingly in the wings to exit
From their point of view if circumstances merit
In themselves massive conflict with no hope of climax; they ferret
Meaning from a single will to live, and if they find the need to edit
What’s been fit with a brand new queen, the press is forward and alive
With fresh resolve; a simple recipe, drive, a drone, and designated signals
. . . that it’s time build another world, another hive.

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