Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

“Torrential Towers”

Torrential Towers”

Torrential towers at the porous shoreline in their chorus

Augur waves of caution; warnings at the border that higher grounds
Become the choice in real estate when what we’ve done confounds
The facts with what we should be doing.  Turn the gaze to forests
And the acreage of new-ploughed farm lands to the south
And see the balding witnesses to what should not have been erased
By those who could not wait to see it happen in the race
To formulate prescriptions on run for Gaia on the mend. “The mouth
Of avarice is never bound by moderation,”
is the muezzin’s call

To progress in the market. Only they know truly what conspiracies
Are rife who can recall scenarios of doom and ancient theories
Less a source of satisfaction than the people’s cry for boutiques and malls
In every several state and province in the land.
To these the politicians must reply, “Which, the greater feat, to change
the Law, to heal a cripple, or to give strength to idle hands?”