“It’s Midnight ”

“It’s Midnight ”

It’s midnight here and emeralds come to mind;
And you? What must you be where you are now?
I know your thoughts of me are drifting. How
Was it you fled the flesh and left the rind
Behind some few premises ago when nothing in the needle’s eye
Lingered. Restive as you were, the distance of a single prayer with open palms,
The warmth of open arms, the scent of you, the psalms–
Airs and essences distilled to holy water; what was it you desired?
You searched my meaning  smiling , ascending briefly, pulling stops
And leaving all this morning’s traces lost in the Sibyl’s dew. Gone
So quickly, you, the sunrise, taking nothing of the song
But verses, lyrics pocketed, perhaps; you forgot
The melody–I hear it now, a softer strain, ephemeral,
Like breathing in and out–and still I’ve kept these emeralds.

3 responses to ““It’s Midnight ”

  1. Beautiful and very musical – even to my French trained ears!
    Take care of you,

    • Lou: As usual, your comment was appreciated. There are certain moments that can only be captured, I think, with harmony, cadence, some sort of possibly mystical expression that depends not so much on content as it does its magic through rhythm and/or the bringing together of words that interact with one another to focus more on the feeling of experience and not all that much on the detail of the experience, itself. Possibly, it’s the poetic expression of a prosaïc or even a pedestrian moment. After all, “not every sea hath pearls” but pearls or no pearls, every sea, in fact every drop of water is in and of itself a wondrous miracle in this creation.


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