“They Address Themselves”

“They Address Themselves”

They address themselves—their colours, fear and greed—
In grand default, in arbitraries, red, white, and blue,
And tributaries of their most great trepidation; it’s in the glue
That holds all expectant thralls in line, the call of need,
Acute in desperation, destiny in denial, and the expedient seed
Of Cain’s bright logic sprinkled liberally through each faithless day. The crude
Supposal of some slight spark in God’s oversight spawns rude
Reactions in petulance and ingratitude that feeds
Itself upon the notion that once created, “`twere no request
Of ours for breath or life,” and ërgo ours to burn, ours by right
To tax in proceeds, harvest excess and forget the usury of the loan
the blatant requisite of all demands, the values of a single moan
In chorus.  Worship cause, deny effect,and give them straw to bind their deficits
–We’ll rise again; we’ll perogue the day and place it on the shelf;
we’ll suspend the right another night and no one need attack the nation; America’s determined from within its destiny’s to turn the gun upon itself.

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