“They’d Rather Not Say”

“They’d Rather Not Say”

They’d rather not say the words: wisdom ploughs it under. Seeds are sown,
Yes, stranded, left behind, perhaps a new game, but certified survival
And uncertainty are symbiotic, the very crown of firsts and lasts. Revival
Always promised, tacit eternity denied and they’ll have you know
The rule of mandatory obstacles, and while meretricious ulcers grow
In time, no matter in what quarterly, and we all know their names. Denial
Only feeds the bonfire of restless shibboleths while the trial’s
Milked for maximum mileage, the drum rolls,
Please! and applause announce the latest bon mot
To bounce some sweet new version of what seems viable
As a phatic public nod to possibilities, probabilities, and pliable
Hopes for the working man; to the sturgeon, roe; to the cock, his crow.
The rhetoric is endless, the president’s term “to be determined…soon!”
Elections come and go, of course,…but there’s that elephant in the room…

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