Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

“Well After All, I’ve Paid the Rent”

“Well After All, I’ve Paid the Rent”

Well, after all, I’ve paid the rent;
I crack no eggs at dawn; I take what’s there,
And by the many waters of the shower scare
Up finely manicured reasons why I absent
Myself from kinetic fallacies, venial volleys of velocity
That loose the legions every day and bag
Bathetic memories in the process. I embrace the lag
Innate in all things mortal with condiments of patient animosity
Through the whiling hours in the queue
While others in the cast become the feature
Leaving little need for tickets; each or
All pose little choice when loiterers block the view.
And what was once a chorus in salad years will render
Souvenirs marshalled in arrears between the signs that read:
“Shake well before using…” or  the apt “Return to Sender…”