“Curious It Is”

“Curious It Is”

Curious it is that in these few lines I find flaws

And weightlessness in adamantine words in flight
From the abstract incident and the concrete patterns of the night,
And yet, as I drown withal comes light, air, and morning, in silent thrall
That each breath brings its confession, countless dispensations of reverse
In every verse, thoughts easily dismissed as conceived; I am satisfied that here
And there again have I exhaled a truth or two. This, and as I inhale I hear
The insurrection from the gallery, the ranks of rhythm, immersed
In unintentional casuistry as much as anyone within the curse and blessing
Of abstruse allusions to possession and its loss. The final scenes are mine
And mine alone that lead me to a place somewhere in time
Between celebrated valleys of knowledge and experience addressing
Artifacts and all their codices that qualify duress and mitigate the brine
Of seas of tragedy for what the world rejects and comedy in what eternity denies.

4 responses to ““Curious It Is”

  1. I had to stop by and read you again

    And, praise God I did!!

    May I copy this poem on my blog and credit you, as well as link back here??

    • Alexander: Allh-u-Abh!

      Certainly, Alexander; I am glad you enjoyed this poem. You may use it in any way you would like to use it.


    • Alexander: Alláh-u-Abhá!

      I went to your site this evening and saw what you posted. Already, there have been a couple of “landings” on my site and a message from one of them saying that they enjoyed what I wrote. You know, sometimes, I feel a slight whimsy when I write; other times, I am fully aware that whatever it is I am saying is ponderous and possibly top-heavy; and then there are those moments when it seems I am able to express something closer to the truth than either of the first two. The greatest results always seem to be there whenever I focus on the few words given to us by His Holiness insofar as He stated, “perusal hath truly proved highly impressive, for it was indicative of both the light of reunion and the fire of separation.” Whenever there is a kind of free flowing into such a state and recognition of these two paramount qualities, then and only then am I attracted to any work, even my own; when it is obvious that these are the foundation of what I am enabled, somehow, to put to paper, I am satisfied that in some effective way that He knows I have heard Him and that He knows that I know that He knows that I know that notwithstanding anything near ulterior motives within me, I have in some way touched upon the reason for which we have all been created and that “…For every land We have prescribed a portion, for every occasion an allotted share, for every pronouncement an appointed time and for every situation an apt remark.” In such moments and only in such moments my soul cannot suppress a smile.

      Once again, you have honoured me; from my heart to yours, my thanks.


  2. Your mentioning, “…it was indicative of both the light of reunion and the fire of separation.”

    Reminded me of this:

    “Be as resigned and submissive as the earth, that from the soil of your being there may blossom the fragrant, the holy and multicolored hyacinths of My knowledge. Be ablaze as the fire, that ye may burn away the veils of heedlessness  and set aglow, through the quickening energies of the love of God, the chilled and wayward heart. Be light and untrammeled as the breeze, that ye may obtain admittance into the precincts of My court, My inviolable Sanctuary.”

    (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 322)

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