Daily Archives: June 14, 2012

“Not That What It Is”

“Not That What It Is”

Not that what it is is what it is, but what’s occurred
Is yours and yours, alone, while you insist
That curses blessed are blessings on a sometime list
Of what’s been missed and what’s been left behind these hoary curls
Belongs to you and you alone. Bliss bereft within your world
Is what I am because I know what love isn’t and what’s dismissed
In what we can so easily resist. You’re too good to me in all of this;
I know because I’ll be leaving soon and we’ll be hurled
So far out there that none of what you said and what we did
Will be remembered further than a passing glance
Through pages in some anthology or in a leaden book
Of poems with a long brass chain and hook
That keeps the leisure hours from outright theft
Of memories and souvenirs of what was left
Of us before the curtain fell with no place else to dance.

“He Hesitates at the Gate”

“He Hesitates at the Gate”

He hesitates this side of the gate, the bridge lies minutes before,
A much travelled thread stretched not far but far enough—
a chasm’s hem—the seam of dreams; seems, nor is it steep or rough
Nor ill-conceived: a simpler bridge, a door
To over there is open and something’s overheard,
“Now, then!” …He withdraws from yesterday’s conceptions,
Herds of hidden instincts, arpeggios of rhymed exceptions.
The early flies swarm; they gorge on neglected revelations, the third
And fourth generations of congresses of well-intentioned giants
From the pantheon of legends from his childhood. There is no beanstalk
Here, no yellowed road to emerald heights, no lean talk
Of auld lang syne nor is beauty ever fast asleep while sentient clients
Dance wildly round a crystal casket, no—a plaited sensation, ropes
Of primitive doxologies and fine-stitched patterns of long forgotten hopes.