Daily Archives: May 12, 2012

“Well, After All, They’re Only Words”

“Well, After All, They’re Only Words”

Well, after all, they’re only words and phrases
From the well, some temporary divinity; let down the pail, the bucket,
Draw deeply from within and mark it.  Once spoken,  market
Nothing; simply drink from traces of the sometime sun’s last rays;
Imbibe—the stray whether evanescent frog or sunbeam leaves a simple footprint
On the mud and then is gone.  Early spring-burst frosts melt
  To slicks of foam atop a recent wave, the fluff slips by in any season; pelts
And scraps of leather, yes benign, perhaps, but ripped from memory and spirit
Never mind the distance. Read between the breath of syllables and nothing
If not laughter rises to surfaces of isolated brooks:
  Pride of glance and silence breed tedium while strolling. Take another look
 And read the book, breach another fable on the table with the morning stuffing From the mailbox;  assonance and consonance or possibly a simple rhyme
Is passage to eternity and all that matters is the energy to make it home on time.