“Spiral Notions”

“Spiral Notions”

Spiral notions, springs of natural seconds, tiny buds
Aligned with all the other benchmark orbs
And gentle points of sweeping preference; symmetry absorbs
The oddity of growth in arbitrary minutes: the muds
Decree, the hills agree, and we—the infinite in sands and random beaches,
Numberless and unadorned—abstract from solid concretes
Limpid liquids recreating mysteries in pliant canyons, sculpting palaces; discrete
Particles muster in so brief a span as now to be as one in crystal; breaches
Poured pure in granite veins that must in time allow the light to pass on through.
And as we stand disarmed in deft amazement, thrice bereft, we ponder
Circumspect the natural majesties that form the ruby and the emerald, wander
Through tailings left by mystic mines in sapphire clouds, the dusts of spectacle Far beyond the common cosmic statutes, limitations seen by carbon-dated eyes
When all arrives or nothing comes to mind but our own sweet surprise.


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