“Moment to Reflect”

“Moment to Reflect”

A moment to reflect, these several words hold selective when
Objectives and their peace are won leading to no real choice
Nor rest and celebration; tasks, the last of many, invoiced
Throughout pedestrian years at work will one day send
A massive missive of relief, and thanks
With weighty sentiments and fond farewells; cheer,
And weathered tusks to see me on beyond, and further than fear
To take a few steps–arrogantly, yes, perhaps–down paths that rank
Above all present trumps and peculiars of this world and this earth:
I have now insignificance through to the end, I know,
And still will it so or else the illuminated hours, the weekly flow
Of days and nights, prove life’s lavas’ light might well have spent its worth
On what mysteries engender miseries in days beyond this present strife,
Born within the present, laced with beauty of the past
Relentlessly spreading spores of an even better life.

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