“Tonight, a Silent Message”

“Tonight, a Silent Message”

Tonight, a silent message, I can hear the sighs and pleading

Breezes hrough the trees of my old friend; my companion sings,
And I am comforted, the lightest certitude, the fluttering of wings
Accompanies the rhythms of the encore; and here, again, repeating
“Into…” “Out of…” Lift, release so softly, gentle summaries of living whispers,
Musings of what is but is not seen; tunnels and their tributaries,
Rushing, relentless recognition, never-ending applause, obituaries
To the spent and useless, harbingers of blisters
And frostbite, lngering erosion and fresh volcanic blood
And in the ancient chanting of forgotten millions
Strange dirges of more than redundant death. Civilians,
Now, the armed legions follow closely through the flood
To rescue and defend the furthest reaches of what was an empire.
And I’m still here, I’m still here, and I still feel the fire.

2 responses to ““Tonight, a Silent Message”

  1. Beautiful depth… thank you! ~ jason

    • Many thanks, Jason. Your comment is uplifting; I see by the comments on your own site that you are awaiting something wonderful. The best to you and yours in whatever you are expecting!

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