Preparations in the weary weather worn,
Fine deliberations in thought grown not in common sod but sewn,
Embroidered yesterday’s or last night in the bedclothes, their messages thrown
About the rooms as socks and remnants of the breath at play—torn
Perhaps, and tattered—a little worse for wear but not abandoned,
Not quite graced with station how much  less with purpose on the floors.
As spring pronounces vowels broadly, its consonants are doors
Left not quite closed in hopes that random
Sunbeams, some michievous breeze, or better still, the damp sweet scent
Of trees and odd forgotten hedges stir in later afternoons.
Winter yawns as the tree-veins wake to find within their hour and soon
Upon the arbour, knobs form thence to buds whose walls will rent
In time at last as pilgrim blossoms urging declaration in bulk and natural rhyme
With hope at last while promises expire, replaced by living witnesses to time.

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  1. Hello, dear Once!

    [I’m sorry — this should be an email, rather than a comment — I’m not sure how to email you.]

    How nice to see you again! “Preparations” appears even as I peruse your site just now… “As spring pronounces vowels broadly, its consonants are doors…” — I love this line in particular! 🙂 Your ability to write in the sonnet form amazes me.

    Thank you for following my blog “Testing, testing…”. I would recommend following my blog “Sarahrosslazarov” instead, since that is my main blog, and “Testing, testing…” is just that — it’s my sandbox, where I explore technical aspects of using WordPress. If you follow “Testing, testing…” you’re likely to get announcements about me exploring post types or figuring out how to reblog, things like that. But if you would enjoy to hear about that periodically, I welcome you!

    I was doing technical experiments yesterday, then wanted to reblog Upile Chisala’s fine poem, but forgot that I was still in the sandbox! I’m sorry for the confusion!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Best wishes,

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