“It Takes a While”

“It Takes a While”

It takes a while, time enough,
Perhaps an added mile, but for now the matter of a sunrise,
Dawn to sunset, twilight dusk beyond the present thoughtful sky.
The season moans discovering its last and latest secrets, indelicate and rough
Suggesting mitigating circumstance but flawless calculation.
“Rest,” he tells himself;  he suspects he must, but, “Wait.
The matter of an hour or two  is nothing new.”
But in the meantime, what do simple organs do
Who know the cycles of their own estate,
The proper cadence and the rhyme
That replicate the many-storied ancient answers so impotent
And noxious in the impasse, so strident, so redolent
Of passions’ pasts? Traced in outline
With no purpose nor need for measurement or rectitude of vision
In but weak and ritual circumcision keen to reconnoitre produce
from the residue, smoking shards of constant change and indecision.

3 responses to ““It Takes a While”

  1. Oh, my, I Love this:

    “The season moans discovering its last and latest secrets”

    Also, I’ve recently changed my food-intake-regimen and, as is natural, my body is feeling the changes in a rather negative way—’tis the nadir of the transition now—all should be better soon; but, this poem Spoke to my current condition 🙂

    • Alexander: Allah-u-Abha!

      Yes, well, those few days we had of what may have been summer weather came in handy to allow me to get out of my apartment and walk; those walks reassured me that I will not be dying as soon as I thought. I have never longed for the end of winter until this year! At any rate, it’s the New Year and Spring must be lurking around somewhere between Ohio and Quebec. My prayers are for your health and success in what you do so well.


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