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“He’s Come So Far”

“He’s Come So Far”

He’s come so far through the conduits of  years;
Serenity and illness come with breath and no repose
In motion, no subtle acetate in commerce. In the rose
No greater beauty manifest but phantoms, fears
And random souvenirs that collect within some hidden inner eye.
Rapacious subtle surplus calcified similitudes that mystify
Decision based on faulty memory and revision applied to compromise,
What’s left behind, the terse astringents and styptics to  cauterised
The flow of what is just beneath the lids or perhaps was never there―”Gracious,
Me,” he says, “such perfection!”― Purity, the declination of certitude
Within a fixed and lethal pattern and perspective; sans turpitude,
Matters’ wastes return to energies of action distilling  jaded beads of credence
Dote on stems and leaves just as aphids dine on daily crops of specious
Doubt, drawn easily through the needle’s eye. He stares in disbelief at  gratuities,
The simple harlot quires of doubts’ vague remembrances of Sophocles. He sees now pedestrian lusts so clearly and sharply the  sanctuaries of ever-early buds,
Within the inevitable quietus  of pernicious  cares looming in the coming spring.
Here there is an  arrogance leached within the Grail’s mass, philandering
Of prowess in the night as in the cud
Of gentle herbivores, the velvet blood
that form a martyr’s antlers, mitred Pharisees that bring
The softest touch to what is in fact terrifying
To limbs that strain to overcome the flood
Of what was yesterday delivered.  he hesitates to hold what’s been revealed
In genomes, formulæ, gratuitous cosmic patterns in the race
To recall the sun within a solar wind, to rerecord
The accents of its voice, a sworn accord,
An ironic smile, a nod, a genuflection to the zodiac in  place
Of revelation of what energy and matter leave both manifest and concealed.