“Vacant Eyes”

“Vacant Eyes”

Vacant eyes among the dead
But still with us here, adamantine in the living; not one
Cipher yet released but vision’s blighted and charity is stunned
For fear of seeing what is here exchanged for fear and dread
Of what are but liquid saline crystals. Innocuous, yes, but give it time,
My friend, and what today may not be said
Will circumvent the tongue that spreads
The a smple truth. Esteemed, again, perhaps, but forked and evenly refined
As is all speech within the audience of the tomb;  extinguished, a blight within
The dark, the abyss of pupils’ definitions signed in sighs of the redeemed
Who only gape at wounds, whose lips now openly gainsay
Self-deception, its liquors distilled from all that glitters in the winds.
To he who will, decision falters in the light of day;
To he who has no will, the tongue will rush to have its say.

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