Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

“Split Infinitive”

“Split Infinitive”

Split infinitive, the cleaver cannot leave a mark;

Whither here or there, I can

Say nothing of it save that in such spaces weightlessness demands

Safe passage through the night, and dawn, the every morn as sparks

In the extremities reveal mere likenesses of divinity, an excess so easily payed

Out as if ‘twere planned or ready bought, a largesse in signs

And light diffused. Humanity’s the excuse, the very line

Drawn in sands that separate here from there as if in an arcade

Where emotion speaks for intelligence and former lovers find a place

To hide within the withered phallus, the wilted orchid for just a little while.

Who will look upon obscenity as a mask of travesty whose caustic smile

Cannot pass the lips nor wisdoms register results within the mind? Efface

From memory the protocols of inertia in the game and such a stench is discerned

That cannot in the end be seen where more than innocence is burned.

Seizures break the of silence, then arrest all prayer.  Godly fear, psalms,

Some short breath of eternity alone can pace

The soul in such moments in the light of suns, with time and place

Within the mirror traced, as was Medusa to her Perseus, aglow, disgraced,

Displaced, and finally erased in sacrifice on this side of the glass. A man

May view so great riddle in a prophesy and reap such gifts

As this in seconds in the shift

From what was once alive, is etched in stone and even now dispersed in sand,

From what was from eternity to be feared and even now

Evokes a melody of springs in the trebles and threats of eruption set

To give us gently back above what now must lie below. He hears it yet

As some sweet adverb’s antecedent, an irony in tone:

Here lies all there is to truth, and certitude is all I’ve ever known.