Daily Archives: December 3, 2011

“Peace, My Friend”

“Peace, My Friend”

Peace, my friend in all this witness! Joy!

Of course the weight of chains

In the years’ galling links artfully forged constrict; the veins

And heart have nothing left to lose.  We must all too much, too often boil

As if in sacrifice for children in excess, their tender tendons bent

To stitch or reinforce the patches in the peoples’ fabric,

“Damn all youth, loose ends cannot be ignored!” will set the rubric’s

Not for satisfaction but for closure in a single day; still, while innocence is spent,

The heavens and the earth are in their whole

Are seen expendable; the antidote’s declined and not a single word is spoke.

But who has eyes or ears and whence the flaw? The axle’s broke

And raging torrents in the bowel cannot reach the soul.

As much for comforts of the crowd, humanities encompass pain

While even weightier, the angel living sing of joy and promises of rain.