“Comes a Lion’s Sacrifice”

“Comes a Lion’s Sacrifice”

Comes a lion’s sacrifice, his eyes
Now fixed, the gaze, the ageing body’s shadow taut
Upon the juggernaught, a rolling form, yesterday’s intention caught
In matted threads of crimson sweat in beads lean against the thighs’
Redeeming, screaming declamation, all or nothing broadcast
Erect in silent swollen majesty, volition in the brow abolished;
An emotion’s glow, the goal of fear astonished, patina polished,
The hemlock drained in haste as thoughtless
Epimetheus breathes in and out with such a blast
As casts its lots in nothing less than seconds
that renders even natural disease the kinder. One now last
But never least in lines of endless consequence in unnatural rhyme
Between the cat and prey with justice at the feast designed
To kill or not to kill and thence to take one’s fill or fast.
And so it is with consummations great and small,
The climax of potential in the meaning of it all.

4 responses to ““Comes a Lion’s Sacrifice”

  1. The juxtaposition of the last two lines with the picture is


  2. ’tis powerful, just as Alexander says John… in the end, a reluctant sacrificial offering… xPenx

  3. Definitely a word smith. Enjoying your work.

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