“Attention Spans”

“Attention Spans”

Attention spans are short, fuses,
Matchless dangers; no matter–the need for caution
Is the norm in the middling run of things–en masse, a daily auction
In the race and sibling competition trumps the general purpose. Muses
Ancient, gracious and inviable  so often are ignored
In favour of what’s been seen and stored.
In youth, some future use; in age, necessity itself takes the floor
While invention’s mother’s lost and no one knows what for
Except to say that something in the wind’s
Brought something else again and when
The dusts are sifted and settled—so they say—the prairie hen,
The swallow and the bee no longer know where they fit in.
Capistrano weighs its greatest losses, hives their Zen
As power lines and cell phones sunder intercourse to the very end.

3 responses to ““Attention Spans”

  1. This is a remarkable poem in many ways–

    Light and heavy…

    Deep and wide…

    Simple and complex…

    One question: What in you chose to include “inviable” to modify Muses??

    My “guess”: The Muse is a component of our own unconscious mind and our inattention can rob the life from them………???

    • Your “guess” is fairly well put. Either way, the Muse is “inviable” either because it is, as you say, “a component of our own unconscious mind,” and as such is impossible to fathom, or should be ignored because of course we cannot be certain how much of what we think we know and perceive of life comes from the material, empirical process of the overlay of mental development and is therefore liable to qualify as just another shibboleth and as such suspect and treacherous, and how much of whatever it is that occurs to us is in any way modified by inspiration from the Source. I have the feeling that either way, we do not actually escape indictment when it comes to the Muses; it’s hell if we do and hell if we don’t, and there are times when one wonders just whom to trust, one’s self or someone else’s self, especially in consideration of the warnings from every Prophet who ever lived to see the truth by its own standard and nothing short of that standard if we are to understand anything at all when the play is finished and the actors are taking their bows and curtain calls. Muses, like motherhood, are safe to mention and impossible to avoid.

  2. It’s probably just me, but I’m on very good terms with my Muse–suing a modified form of Jung’s Active Imagination for years. I’m fully aware that the “imagination” can be “tricky”, yet God has given us one…

    However, even though I’m confident my Muse can give me valuable perspectives, she’s created from my conscious mind’s need–the Unconscious obliging with and appropriate counterpoint to my conscious attitudes…

    If I hadn’t asked for her to “manifest”, she’d still be inviable………

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