Daily Archives: September 24, 2011

Requiem for Stumbleupon…

I am still staring in disbelief at the news of what they’ve planned for changes of SU.  For those who are not familiar with Stumbleupon. com, this short rant is neither here nor there and the following sonnet is rendered “obscure,”  but for those who are familiar with it, another major change has been announced for the end of October and it’s “out with the blogs and themes” and in with whatever it is that will be “in” .  In short, they are gutting SU! This particular sonnet is dedicated to “them” one and all, and as usual, I express something of my feelings in yet another fourteen lines:

“A Scintilla

of the Day”

A scintilla of the day is gleaned while Polyphemus
Dreams, so blind to what he does and what he’s just about to do;
The hours’ weights roll like barrels set loose within the wagon. Through
This abyss, time’s indecision tractors in the slipstream
Posing questions now:

In whose bailiwick does this homily reside when the season
To apply the blossoms of incremental decide for whom this bell must toll?
…To push the envelope
That inch or two the other side of honesty and just beyond all present hopes,
Who falls further to the left or right from blind faith now

to what amounts to treason
Plastered on the whitewashed billboard signs that stretch

for miles along the highway
Leading from all former warmer smiles

to far beyond a full-blown nemesis. Clowns
Direct the traffic back and forth so many times

that no one sticks around
To point the way back home; The Zephyr’s bridled breezes softly say,
“No one’s home; drive on!…” but leave distinctions blank,

…and yes, of course the rinds
Behind that rhyme with nothing but a waste of time?