“So Easy”

“So Easy”

So easy, then, to love you, seamlessly. Effortlessly,
Heavy waters own what sufficient gravitas they preach
Where sycophants in inches, feet or miles vie equally to beach
Upon some mother lode; what clear cobalt ceilings cloudless
Welcome, nay, what pray for majesty in misty patterns,
Traverse easily, from sapphire heights to emerald gorges; Matterhorn
To hollows in the Roman Sea, the hidden Andes to the Atacama; born
And reborn again from single molecules seeking redress, closing rank, scatter
Inward on themselves until at last their chorus drowns images and senses
From the might of peculiars to sacrifice whole dominions and ancient shores.
Does the sun not reign? This fiery sphere enriches immolation from his core
To seek another fate than the inevitable,
extinction clearly prophesies.. Light will bend
And weaknesses eternally suspend all hapless bystanders, witnesses
that covet advantage and the finer seat to ease the view;
So it is that you and I aspire to consummate stations:
we are seen as are trunk and tree as are the moon
And Helios who are themselves alone.
Weigh the matter closely and respond
Beyond the pale and promise of thought
once dark decisions have solidified.
Possibilities, then, seem infinite and circumstances modified
Without so much as an ethereal “Please!” beyond
The moment this least Thespis knows his playwright.
Muddled motley scripts and vague interpretations absorb
The bested plan while linear events, the stuff of gods, abort
Their unabashed distortions. Machineries rush to climax and suicide.
Fruition is the head that rises; weather, the author of the mountain.
Every passing storm, all seismic protestation cries for more;
Each rude circumstance hurls its bruising insults from the core
Of continents and all will pass into oblivion
no matter from what natural fountain.
While here below the slipstream we must flounder, the missive:
As we breathe: to know death’s consolation to be that we live.

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