“No Talk of Peace”

“No Talk of Peace”

No talk of peace desolves detraction in the mind
For lovers of this world; no casual thought of war
Distracts the heart of seeking souls that soar
Beyond the gates of static limitations. To those who find
Talismans the sovereigns of affirmation and negation, words
Are hollow deeds, rogue emotions, fractals of the mind,
at last a pure abstraction.
Dimensions of devotion require no lightning rod. Deduction
Leads to platitude while speculation ensures
The ultimate for cuckolds in this life. In the end, of course,
what is must be
What is–no more, no less–and what is sought
Is not so well defined, so cleverly designed that seekers caught
So easily in repetitious phases of this life avoid judiciously the seas
Of myriad manifest eternities
; these, the innocents, are blind

to past, to present, to coming planes, reduced to residue
Of what are after all selective natural satisfactions carved in stone
and gravitas, betrayed by metamorphosis, divined
from media reports of icons on the loose in Xanadu.

2 responses to ““No Talk of Peace”

  1. I seek, as do we all, and we’re all caught up in one fashion or another. but do we ever know deep down what it is that we each strive for…. Maybe the unobtainable will always shine out above the rest, World Peace, an end to hunger and drought…and would we find that obtaining one would signify the ending of the other? I read this poem through a few times, and found myself agreeing with every word. xPenx

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