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…to all Canadians, a restful and Happy Canada Day….

“The Backroom of America”

The backroom of America emerges through ranks
Of nations riding feasted hopes festooned with populations,
Bursting resources, whole peoples census-carved of computations
In mammoth miles of temperate lands, beloved banks
Of territory toward the disused North uncovered
By new-found-warmth of permafrosts’ new-found pastures spread
Before the newly welcomed multitudes, newer yeasts in breads
And butters mined from crude ore rich in immigrants recovered,
Encouraged, the focus, all attentions ceded toward ancient goals
Bred when antithesis–the sorely needed hoards
Of fortune–framed in freedom bows to thesis–binding chords
Of nations who themselves came west in search of gold,
And, as the glories blend, so, too, a synthesis is born: second largest nation’s
Land mass reets the greatness of the century with promises
of growth, unity, diversity and the blessings of re-creation.