2 responses to ““The Balm of Blame”

  1. He who feels shame, will shoulder the blame. but what of he who has no conscience? Who sees the World slightly askew…. Who seems to have no clear knowledge of right or wrong… Just an acceptance creed, I will do as I feel, without the emotional guide of feeling anything at all. Now, that scares me. xPenx

    • I have no way to prove this as the crow flies, but in the course of years I learned through the Scriptures of my Faith that not everyone possesses a “sense of shame.”

      “Indeed, there existeth in man a faculty which deterreth him from, and guardeth him against, whatever is unworthy and unseemly, and which is known as his sense of shame. This, however, is confined to but a few; all have not possessed and do not possess it.” ―Bahá’u’lláh

      There are so few, as was indicated, in my experience who either have this faculty or have not allowed it to atrophy for want of positive feedback or approbation that at times it is a wonder that it exists at all. Even so, this has waned in recent years to the point that I rarely ever see such an inhibition openly espoused or practiced, as if were anyone to admit they can feel ashamed or a sense of shame it disqualifies them from the rank of the gods by default; hubris in and of itself underlines the general daily intercourse between so many that, as I have mentioned to you before, I, like you, have little good to say about the general professions of belief or practice, professional or otherwise, and while it might be cited as a negative cynicism by some, still, at this point I’m not sure I care. “It ain’t why, it just is.” ―Van Morrison

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