Residue settles softly on us now,
Movements, eddies, subtle lights against a slope
Of shame and sandals left behind on holy ground: hope.
The pace quickens; salacious rites and vows
Lost before we speak with certitude obscured in failure,
Dreams and doubts, debris of milestones in a labyrinth of trails
To what so simply is: an object found along the trail–
Mercy–lichens crowd the banks; roses, delicate azaleas
Placed as witness to the hour of prayer, the lightest plea
To see in darkness nothing less than poetry and smiles
That comfort, angels ranged throughout a night of trials.
Who have no other course or place to be
But payed in increments on ascending paths where flowers
Cannot breath nor can they speak and nothing is that is not ours.

4 responses to ““Residue”

  1. Truly bitter-sweet and almost seems to be kin to the poem just before but “up a grade” 🙂

    • Yes, both might well have been incorporated into a single poem; that they were separate is perhaps a gift to the reader; “up a grade” is true. If the first poem is as perspicuous as I suspect it may be, then the second sonnet follows it properly; if not, then both are consigned to the fires of obscurity, and possibly the can….

  2. OMG, No!!

    They are Gems…

    Please don’t destroy them………

  3. my latest memory residue is of My Girl, the residue of her life is seemingly dog hairs… so many through the years I had her as a companion, and now as I wear a favourite item of clothing another few hairs are removed and she is still fading from this earth, even though she passed away in May.. … Strange response I know.. in answer to such a beautiful and thoughtful poem… I can’t help my mind process can I ? xPenx

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