“Hesitation at the Station”

“Hesitation at the Station”

Hesitation at the station. She met him there,
His buttercups and bouquets to her denial;
He was quiet lavender, stillness in his soul, no guile,
No subterfuge while she forecasts in this affair
But possibles, toi, toi, toi! But they knew then and there
The harvest would be bleak, potentials in the miles
Are all but melted as they speak of exiles,
Signs and images they no longer seek, the glare
Of barren tables—little more than feet
Between them—expanses and catastrophes,
The warped and weary sets and semblances
That conjure bile and even stranger consequences;
Oil slicks, creosote, and fear of breakfast bars and sheets
To match an asset and demand that does not grow but atrophies.

5 responses to ““Hesitation at the Station”

  1. Perfectly and appropriately SAD…

    • Yes, it is “appropriately SAD.”…as is the relationship between all souls in this world insofar as with the Manifestation (if He is contemplated at all) there is the illusion of an eternity of separation from Him while at the same time there is the perspicuous Book, the cynosure of His eternal promise of reunion, and beyond this, the reality of His Person. For some of us, that awaited moment is not far off; for others, the looming prospect of what only seems like an eternity of separation galls them to their very bones. For them, time is the invisible collateral for any thought or action with the worth of either gauged in direct proportion to forgetfulness or loss of memory, deliberate or otherwise. It is, as a friend of mind stated in a conversation of the last week end, that time for most is the only currency. For the former soul, a never-ending investment in what is, after all, a constant joy; for the latter a judicious choice between the Heart of Darkness in the natural world and the lights of Manhattan in a sea of concrete that suits the wilds and proclivities of any heart and mind that stands tall and declares to all the world, “I live here!” If we are emanations from the Sun of Reality as has been declared by the Centre of the Covenant*, then, we are at once repelled by and attracted to one another, and while we live, though it seems logically to the empirical mind to be otherwise, our relationship to others is as potent as our relationship to the Manifestation whether founded in the heart or the mind.

      Yes, I know…another meta-answer….to a question that was not asked,…but then, since 23 May 1844, what isn’t a meta-question and who is it that has the hubris to declare it otherwise, no matter what the form of their answers?

      * The greatest power in the realm and range of human existence is spirit, — the divine breath which animates and pervades all things.…The distinctive virtue or plus of the animal is sense perception; it sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels but is incapable in turn, of conscious ideation or reflection which characterize and differentiate the human kingdom.…Such power of accomplishment is beyond the range of animal intelligence. Therefore this power is a distinctive attribute of the human spirit and kingdom.…Likewise the human spirit has its limitations. It cannot comprehend the phenomena of the kingdom transcending the human station, for it is a captive of powers and life forces which have their operation upon its own plane of existence and it cannot go beyond that boundary.

      There is however another spirit which may be termed the divine, to which Jesus Christ refers when He declares that man must be born of its quickening and baptized with its living fire. Souls deprived of that spirit are accounted as dead, though they are possessed of the human spirit. His Holiness Jesus Christ has pronounced them dead inasmuch as they have no portion of the divine spirit. He says: “Let the dead bury their dead.” ….

      …This quickening spirit has spontaneous emanation from the Sun of Truth, from the reality of divinity and is not a revelation or a manifestation. It is like the rays of the sun. The rays are emanations from the sun..…the individual realities of mankind when spiritually born are emanations from the reality of divinity, just as the flame, heat and light of the sun are the effulgence of the sun and not a part of the sun itself. Therefore a spirit has emanated from the reality of divinity, and its effulgences have become visible in human entities or realities. This ray and this heat are permanent. There is no cessation in the effulgence. As long as the sun exists the heat and light will exist, and inasmuch as eternality is a property of divinity, this emanation is everlasting. There is no cessation in its outpouring. The more the world of humanity develops, the more the effulgences or emanations of divinity will become revealed, just as the stone when it becomes polished and pure as a mirror will reflect in fuller degree the glory and splendor of the sun. ―‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í World Faith, pp. 260-262

  2. Yes………

    I’ve very often contemplated how, in the depths of what Jung called the Collective Unconscious, souls are mingling and sharing and aiding each other; while, in the space of the Insistent Self, people willfully keep themselves insulated from True Relationship–bringing a deluge of psychological shit down on themselves………

    What was that
    Soft I nearly
    Missed its
    Strong it
    Haunts my

    • Beautifully expressed, my friend,…it is obvious that whether in the present or the Next World, we know and will know one another…

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