“Too Cynical for a Child”

“Too Cynical for a Child”

Too cynical for a child, too innocent for a man,
But then, what did you expect? I asked
Enough in all the opening years to empty the trash
And throw out the sash of operations in the half-light; I ran
From the womb when it was required. I am
An eternity born in and out of time, the last,
The penultimate of a line that survives–the cast,
My mother’s hopes, my father’s hand–
Beyond all thoughts of redress or retribution.
Within their sometime august and rhyming rôles,
The median in ancient paradigms and genes
Has faithfully rewarded patents in a pre-recorded dream
Of glory in the seeds but with a difference, a resurrection
Common to the seasons, divinely timed within my soul.

2 responses to ““Too Cynical for a Child”

  1. are we always tied to how we evolved in our childhood womb? … It seems so, our start in life gives us a basis and if that basis, if flawed, we carry that on into adulthood. I tried hard to cast off my early start in learning to live with pain and doubts in myself as a loveable human being, but it seems it lies dormant, and emerges when you least want it to. I’d previously congratulated myself , everything in my life was fine, memories had been vanquished. Wrong!! … A brush with death surely steadies the mind and sets you walking on the rocky road to the future. Thinking …well at the very least I’m still alive. and at the most I’m damn sure I’m gonna enjoy what’s left. !! xPenx

    • Yes, it is more than obvious that you are still alive, and will no doubt enjoy what’s left of your life and enrich everyone who knows you through to end…

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